To autumn

They all look at you with sadnessAnd mourn the passing of the sunFor yours are the times of darknessOf rains, of clouds, of violent winds. You take the warmth away from peopleAnd leave them fighting for the sunYou take away their pretty flowersAnd give them nothing in return. They only see you as destroyerAs killer... Continue Reading →


It feels like it's been a while Since I've spoken to myself I forgot all of the words Which I used to make me smile. It feels like I've closed a door Locking out an old, good friend Pretending I no longer hear The voice echoing inside. It feels cold, and it feels lonely And... Continue Reading →

Avocado socks

i'm happy that no longer i need so many clothes no more second layer and definitely no socks like ice cream on a cone the days, they melt away, chased by summer's heat they disappear in vain.


Hello, sweetheart, are you dreaming?Are you chasing down the feelingOf serenity and peace,Wrapped tight between your sheets?Is it so selfish of meIf in your mind I wish to beTo make sure in your world of dreamsYou are happy by all means?We can run around through grassOr watch airplanes that passWe can fly between the cloudsOr... Continue Reading →


Inside this dark caveThat's crushing my heartI long for your touchLike a miner for light.I gasp out for airBut only breathe coalBecause in your absenceI'll never be whole.I wipe away tearsAnd put on a smileI lie to my heartThat I'll dig myself out.There's nothing but darknessAnd walls that surround meI'm thinking that maybeI should just... Continue Reading →

The greatest love I never had

It's been long since I first met you, with your gentle and green eyes,We were children but together we were soaring in the skiesWe were laughing, we were talking, we were always there for painWe grew up, we kept together, we made sure we both stayed saneMany years have passed since then and without me... Continue Reading →


I did not know how to lock you inMake you mine and make me yours.I loved you, but I failed at thatAnd you slipped through my fingers.When you left I didn't knowWhat happened, or what was wrong.You were out so quicklyAnd with no explanation.It took me time to realizeThat just loving you wasn't enough.I failed... Continue Reading →

Your last

I find it a bit sillyHow much we care, reallyTo the point where being apartThrows a shade over our heartWe argue and we poutAnd we fill our heads with doubtBecause the only thing we wantIs to not grow apart.We say things, and leave some unsaidWhen we should just clear the air insteadBecause at the root... Continue Reading →

Not safe

We're all locked inside,We're scared and we're angryWe want to fight itBut there's nothing to fight.We're getting out of touchWe're losing our sensesWe crave for some airSome sun on our faces.We're slowly forgettingWhat means to be humanWe are losing our mindsWe're losing each other.And what scares me mostIs being awayFrom people I care forFrom people... Continue Reading →


You are not here, I am not there,This distance is a slow killerI'm missing you more than you knowIt's just not getting better.I want to hold you in my armsKiss your lips, your neck, your headI want to smile like a childAnd tickle you to tears.I want your body close to mineAnd in a frenzied... Continue Reading →

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