If I were to choose a job to characterize all the people in the world then that job would be “builder”. Because we humans build things. From early years we play with Legos and build little houses and cars and space shuttles which we then make pretend launch them into the orbit. We build sand castles, we build fences around our houses and around our souls, we build trucks, computers and robots, we build friendships, we build relationships and we build real houses. Lego by Lego, bucket by bucket, brick by brick, word by word. We’re used to using all of these building materials yet we never seem to realize we are doing it. It all feels so normal. And we’re really good at it. Always building something. Unknowingly, unwillingly, unrelentingly.
But more and more the world changes. Greed takes over. We no longer care about our buildings, we no longer desire to build wonders, things that last or things that make us proud. We substitute good materials with bad materials. We use lies, cheap bricks, money, fake sand, corruption, broken Lego pieces, manipulation, rotten wood. We build things which are easily destroyed. Just like in a Jenga game all it takes is a little wiggle and everything falls apart. We take comfort in knowing we built a lot of things no matter how shallow or poorly they were built. Fake friendships, houses which are torn down by the smallest of winds, make-pretend relationships, easy-to-break toys, fake social lives. This wave of shallowness is fast and mesmerizing. It engulfs almost everyone. It twists and changes even the best of builders. It twists and changes each and everyone one of us. You can’t escape it. The only question is will you try to swim against it or will you just ride along with the current?
We humans are natural born builders. But it starts to feel like we’re becoming demolishers.

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