Pieces of sand, blown by the wind

Leaves turned red, by autumn’s breath

Dark as the night, cold as the snow

Pieces of sand, my heart has gone

A looming darkness has appeared

To take away all I hold dear

To ravage my soul, my mind, my life

To break me into grains of sand

Unwillingly I fall apart

Broken by thoughts, by love, by life

And scattered all over the place

I tried to piece myself together

I tried but even though I tried

I was far gone, no longer cared

No longer me, no longer there

Oh look the Sun is leaving

Going away, leaving me here

Alone, afraid, broken and lost

With nothing left to see or feel

Except the sound of my soul breaking

Covered by birds which fly above

Unfazed by this red painted sky

The crimson clouds, the leaving Sun

Without much haste I lie down

Lie down on the fallen leaves

And look above, look at the sky

I close my eyes and start to think

Perhaps we’re wrong, and wrong is us

Perhaps the sky above is different

Perhaps instead it’s not a sky

It is a an ocean of clear water

And our world is upside down

Perhaps we walk on this clear water

Not under the sky, instead above it

Perhaps our world is upside down

And when we die we just fall down

We fall and drown in this water

Instead of flying in the sky

Perhaps we fall, we fall and drown.

As I lie there thinking

I feel her cold hands on my face

Her coldness which is truly hers

Her coldness which is hers alone

Her hands, my cheeks, my neck, my eyes

My eyes lazily open up

And in the hazy crimson sky

I see her face, her eyes, her hair

And then I come to realize

That even though I tried

To piece myself back up together

I failed and I know now why

Because the pieces are no longer mine

Those pieces I no longer need

Because the pieces are now hers

She came and ripped me apart

The pieces which now fly

Dark as the night, cold as the snow

Are pieces I no longer need

Are darkness she has fought so hard

To rip apart and throw away

To make my soul, my heart, my life

Forget about the darkest parts

Which are now scattered by the wind

Like grains of sand, like leaves of autumn

Leaving behind a brand new me

A one that’s scared, and open and free

A one that’s hers to hold and love

A one that’s hers to guide and teach

A one that’s better, one that’s clean

A one that loves her and love her will

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