Remember to love them

When was the last time you said you loved them?

Or hugged them or told them a joke?

When was the last time you said to yourself

I am so lucky, I am so blessed and my life is complete?

How do you know you’re not just a fool

Taking for granted all that they give?

How do you tell them or show them your love

How do you let them know you care?

When was the last time you stopped being selfish

And actually gave them your heart?

How long has passed since you were truthful

Honest, and loving and actually cared?

Have you forgotten after all these days,

These weeks, these months or years

The love that they gave you

The love that they still give?

Is it so good inside your bubble

That you no longer care for their needs?

Do you really have no regrets

For letting your life pass through your hands

Without even knowing how much

They care and love and wish you were there?

Do you still notice their glances, their stares

The love in their eyes, the love in their arms?

Have you forgotten how much you used to love them

Or did your love just turn into dust?

Have you forgotten when you said I love you

And felt so small, so frightened, so good?

Don’t be a fool and don’t be afraid

Remember to care, remember to say

Remember to embrace and remember to stay

Close those near you that love you so much

Remember to tell them that everyday

Your day gets better with their simple smile

Remember to ask for nothing more

Than just a hug, a kiss or a kind word

Remember to tell them that your world is complete

Because they are there, because they are sweet

Don’t be a fool and don’t be afraid

Just tell them “I love you”, get your feelings conveyed

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