Don’t look outside princess

The sky is full of clouds

The weather is unpleasant

The stars are not in sight

But even if they hide

I know there’s always one

A star so bright and pretty

That shines through the clouds

A star so nice and proud

It chases clouds away

You also know this star

For it carries your name

A star that always brings

Warm light into my life

A star that always chases

The clouds inside my mind

A star that always fills

My soul with butterflies

That star my pretty girl

Is none other than you.

So please, I beg of you

Don’t let this stupid world

This sky so full of clouds

Reduce your bright, warm light

Be strong and persevere

And show them that you’re strong

Show them that you’re better

Show them that they’re wrong.

No matter how they try

They’ll never reach your place

Your place above their clouds

Your place outside their space.

And always little star

Remember that on Earth

There’ll always be a guy

Who’ll think that you are great

As long as he has you

No matter how dark night gets

He knows he’ll be alright

Since you’re his shining light.



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