Hello there snow

You are too late

Why come here now

When no one cares?

Why did you chase away the Sun

With your lovely clean white?

Why did you bring the freezing cold

To turn cloud tears into snowflakes ?

Why do you make my lover cry

Because your moods are upside down?

You were supposed to be here early

And wrap the holidays in magic

Instead you come right here and now

When no one cares and no one wants

Your white, pure blanket

Your rambling cold

Your snowflakes like small fallen stars

You are just mean and you don’t care

Just like a spoiled little princess

Perhaps indeed that’s what you are

Perhaps you find some joy in torture

Perhaps you like when people cry

Perhaps you purposely arrive

A little late, when no one cares

A little late, when no one wants

A little late, when your mood says.

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