You are…

You are the warmth I felt as a child when, after a day of snow fights, I would go inside the house and sit near the fireplace.

You are the feeling of happiness a warm, summer rain gives my skin.

Your voice is as soothing as the rain drops hitting against my window.

Your gaze warms me up just like the Sun does.

You are the joy I feel discovering an amazing building after wondering and wondering for hours on empty, unknown streets.

Your embrace is as safe as the house I grew up in.

You are the butterflies I felt when I dived into the lake from a huge height the first time. You are the feeling of warm water slashing against my body as I hit it.

You are the feeling of amazement I feel when I walk at night and I gaze at the stars. The emptiness I feel in my stomach when I try to comprehend, even a little, how big this Universe is.

Your lips have the softness and texture of silk brushing against my skin.

You are the rush I get from winning a game.

You are a walk between spring flowers. You are a walk near summer’s trees. You are a walk amongst the autumn’s falling leaves. You are a walk during a magical snow.

You are the shyness that overcomes me when I am being praised.

You are the happiness I felt when I would climb my grandparent’s cherry tree in the summer. Your kiss tastes just like those red, sweet cherries.

Your hugs have the same love and warmth the ones my mom used to give me before I went to bed.

You are the smell of roses. The sound of thunder. The sight of lightning. The touch of wind. The taste of chocolate.

You are every feeling that resembles love. You are everything that I can call love. You are love

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