I am a piece of wood
Drifting to the sea
Following this river
And never looking back.
I lie to myself
That I’m a mighty tree,
That my branches are strong,
That leaves still cover me.
This river called life
Takes me to such places
I’ve never seen before,
I’ll never see again.
There is no use in trying
To swim against it’s currents…
Or try to slowly reach
For banks of sand around me…
I’m but a piece of wood
Drifting in this river
Hoping for a stone
To stop my fast descent.
I wish to find a place
Where happily I’ll stay,
Where roots might grow again,
Where birds might sing me praise
The mightiest of rivers
Can never be opposed,
Can never be subdued,
Can never be swam across.
So then what’s left for me
Is just to float along
To hope that someday, somewhere
It’ll all feel good and warm.

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