One Second

I closed my eyes and, for a second,

I saw the glimmer from your eyes…

That’s all it took for my weak heart

To start pumping warmer blood.

Don’t you find it strange, my darling,

That all it takes is just one second

To turn the world around us

Into something that is not?

Some call it love, some call it lust

But all of us agree on something –

Most of us have no ideea

What this feeling is, or was.

All it takes is just a second…

So take a look inside my heart,

Rip the fabric of my soul,

Smile again inside my mind and

Make this second last forever.

Do help me here, my love,

Once you’ve opened up my soul

Could you please try to make sure…

That I am still alive in there?

Because sometimes it feels like

You have grown so much on me

That now I carry your soul, not mine.

All I need is just a second

Just a second and a smile

So how about it, love,

Will you smile?

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