Full circle

Guided by her warm voice, I flew towards that light

Surrounded by comfort, I can’t tell if it’s day or night.

I’m light, just like a feather, and fast, just like the wind

My eyes can’t see around me, it’s weird, maybe I’m blind.

But still it feels so good, like never has before

I’m not concerned by anything, no, nothing at all.

She tells me to approach, to step, don’t be afraid

Be confident, be proud, for this world you were made.

She puts her arms around me and in this warm embrace

There’s nothing else that matters, nothing outside this space.

But something deep inside me keeps telling me it’s time

To leave this place, and her, it’s time for me to climb.

I look at her for guidance, yet I can’t see her face

She tells me all I need, simply by  her grace.

It’s time to leave this happiness and, child, don’t you mourn

For on this day you’re gone, but another shall be born.

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