Not mine

I stepped out into the rain,

And let it wash away my sins,

My need, my lust, my want, my pain,

Make it all stop before it begins.

I saw it paint your face,

With raindrops on my window,

I wanted your shadow to chase,

Out, on the grassy meadow.

And then it whispered my name,

It had the same voice as you,

So mellow, and lovely, and tame,

I listened, as the wind blew.

As soon as it touched me I felt,

The same softness as your skin,

My heart slowly began to melt,

I wish in my arms you had been.

Rain, the trickster, fooled me again

Played on my love, and made you appear

But, really, it was all in my brain,

You’re mine, but only in a dream.





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