Princess of the World

What good am I to you, oh Princess of the World,

When so many better men line outside your door?

You smile at me with kindness, you’ve always been like that,

But never have you given me the key to your locked heart.

Why do you torture me, when I am on my knees?

I beg you – just be mine! Love me! Will you, please?

These men adore you, and lustfully kiss your hands,

But none of them are worthy to take you to their lands.

You look at me but somehow you see nothing at all

A random guy that loves you, another heart to maul.

Your cruelty is vast, they say your soul is black,

Still I, just like a fool, keep on crawling back.

Your gaze pierces my soul, your eyes are dark as coal,

This love of mine for you, it takes the biggest toll,

On life, and friends, and joy, on all I used to know,

As on my knees I wait for your finishing blow.

What good am I to you, oh Princess of the World?

Why do you keep me chained, why do you keep me curled?

Am I another soul to add to your collection?

Am I another soul just waiting your rejection?



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