Hidden beauty

You look in your mirror and turn your head away,

You think your beauty comes from looks,

But darling, hear me when I say –

Those are not the things that make you beautiful.

For me, just leave your insecurities behind,

Smile, laugh and keep on being kind.

If you worry that your looks will fade,

Darling, those are not the the things that make you beautiful.

It’s in your soft voice, when you see me sad,

It’s in your calm demeanor, when you see me mad.

That simple touch, which reaches to my heart,

A gentle smile, healing me when I’m apart.

The way you move, the way you smell,

The way you break out of your shell.

The hours spent talking into the night

The way you make me feel your knight.

Darling, your looks are just a layer

Your beauty is my soul’s mayor.

My heart breaks down and cries,

Why can’t you see yourself through my eyes?




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