everything’s a lie in fairy tales

You’ve let days run, and never said a word,

You forgot to tell me that story you love the most,

When all was hazy and the wind stopped blowing

You spoke to me and said:

Everything’s a lie in  fairy tales,

I could never be your princess,

It’s hard, I know – you said you loved me

That I brighten the sky for you,

I wish I could be in your fairy tale,

I wish I could be that angel you adore

To simply spread my hands, and make them wings,

Wings to hug and to protect you.

I know you wanted to believe,

Believe that we’ll be like that one day,

A happy and joyous fairy tale,

But, love, everything’s a lie in fairy tales

So wipe your tears and raise your head

We lived a lie, we played pretend,

We were just children with big eyes

We thought that it was all alive

You’d be my prince and I your princess

But everything’s a lie in fairy tales.





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