Day after day

Day after day, months have now passed
And each passing day, it’s been a blast
Time kept on running, hands moved on the clock
And how fast it passed… it’s really a shock.

And with each new day, you brought me more joy
Taught me your secrets, and what you enjoy
And with each day, I opened up to you
I let you inside, I’ve tried to be true

I know that I’m flawed and I know that I’m broken
I know that you help with each word you’ve spoken
And I’m missing courage, and making mistakes
But still you help me, whatever it takes.

And I really hate it when my words may hurt you
When my actions are stupid, when I don’t think things through
But yet you’re not running, nor leave me behind
And that is amazing, and that is so kind.

That kindness and patience I want to repay
I want to be better, I don’t want to stray
From giving you all, from being more honest
From showing you all, from trying my earnest

I know that we both still have room to grow
I know there are things we still didn’t show
But day after day, months have now passed
And slowly, but surely, we’ve made bonds that last.

I’m grateful and happy to call you my person
And into your world I want more immersion
I’m grateful and happy you call me yours too
And into my world I want only you.

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