Not safe

We’re all locked inside,
We’re scared and we’re angry
We want to fight it
But there’s nothing to fight.

We’re getting out of touch
We’re losing our senses
We crave for some air
Some sun on our faces.

We’re slowly forgetting
What means to be human
We are losing our minds
We’re losing each other.

And what scares me most
Is being away
From people I care for
From people that care.

What if in solitude
They come to realize
That life without me
Is better somehow?

What if alone
They think that i’m useless
And bring nothing good
To their perfect life?

What if they figure out
That all I am doing
Is driven by fear
Of being alone?

What if they know
How happy they’d be
If they cut me off
And live on their own?

I hate this distance
I hate all of it
I hope they won’t notice
And leave me behind.

So far I’m safe
Since only I know
How little I bring
How pointless I am.

We need freedom soon
Since I’m running out
Of ways to stay meaningful
Of ways to attach.

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