The greatest love I never had

It’s been long since I first met you, with your gentle and green eyes,

We were children but together we were soaring in the skies

We were laughing, we were talking, we were always there for pain

We grew up, we kept together, we made sure we both stayed sane

Many years have passed since then and without me even knowing

All those years and all that time in my heart the love kept growing

I didn’t know that every day I kept pushing back those feelings

Yet every time I got to see you I was smiling, I had meaning.

I fell in love with you in secret

A secret hidden from myself

And by the time I realized, I was late, I was too late

You are the greatest love I never had,

My big regret, my dying ache

I wish I learned to love you sooner,

I wish I hadn’t been so scared.





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