Green eyes

A soft mist of grief, Touches your lips, painted red, The mirror floating in the sky, Keeps shining beautifully, even in the night. My thoughts race along with the many falling stars, I pray you see them too, and make a wish, Bring upon us stronger bonds, and join our hands together. Those dazziling green... Continue Reading →

Full circle

Guided by her warm voice, I flew towards that light Surrounded by comfort, I can't tell if it's day or night. I'm light, just like a feather, and fast, just like the wind My eyes can't see around me, it's weird, maybe I'm blind. But still it feels so good, like never has before I'm... Continue Reading →

Outside our window

You keep me warm, as the wind hollows outside. The sky darkens, and we hope for spring. Take a look inside my heart And whisper "Winter, please go away". Ask the clouds To stop their snowflakes. As the night lurks Outside our window, Hold my hand and let's, together Turn melancholy to love. Ask the... Continue Reading →

Black widow

I am caught again inside your carefully laid silk web, I'm struggling for my life while you just lie in wait. It's dangerous to look into your crystal eyes You know I'm trapped and yet you act like you don't care. You smile and look at me and gently lick your lips I shiver and... Continue Reading →


We fight, we laugh, we drink, we cry We kiss, we tease, we talk, we lie We lay in bed drenched in sweat We think we're done, but not done yet We pray, we love, we lust, we kiss We stare, we hug, we feel, we miss We touch each others skin and hope We... Continue Reading →


Pure beauty, incredible feeling You can’t move your eyes to look away Your heart starts pounding Your soul is filled with joy. Morning dew on summer leaves Marshmallow clouds across the sky A little bee dancing around The multitude of colors. A lady bug’s black spots On the cherry’s pink flowers A dandelion blow away... Continue Reading →

Back to back

Some will only see you, Others will only see me. I can't only see you. You can't only see me. We both live on our dangerous cliffs So far away from others... The fear alone Drives them away. You only see the Moon, I only see the Sun. You only miss the Sun, I only... Continue Reading →

The rain

Today I tried to stop the feelings And hoped the rain would wash them down But did you know, my dear That rain just makes them stronger? I still keep them inside And look at them over and over Until I bleed, until I hurt Until the world around just breaks. I look at you... Continue Reading →


You only need a seed Dropped on the ground By wind, or bird, or human When no one is around. Then comes the gentle wind Which covers it in dirt, The clouds then bring it water And so the seed grows roots. The sun then shines upon it And turns the leaves to green, The... Continue Reading →

Dear, I miss…

I am laying in my bed Love, you're moving through my head... You really do own the place. Dear, how I miss your embrace! I will close my eyes to sleep Love, you're in my heart... so deep... You really do bring me bliss Dear, how I miss your kiss! I am breathing slow again... Continue Reading →

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