How many times have you killed yourself so far? Do you still keep count? I, for one, have died so many times I wonder how I’m still alive. Every single day bits and pieces of us are fading away, leaving our hearts emptier and emptier. Memories, feelings, words and actions too. They are all escaping... Continue Reading →


You are the Sun And I am the Moon So what if the roles are reversed? Not everything is fair in life Not everything works as it should Just like the Moon Is dark without Sun So am I, love Empty without you Just like the Moon Longs for the Sun So is my soul... Continue Reading →


Selfish, this is what I think I am Selfish, I want you all for myself Selfish, I want you all the time Selfish, your eyes should only see me Selfish, I want you to touch just me Selfish, stay with me and don’t let go Selfish, wear my clothes and keep on smiling Selfish, kiss... Continue Reading →

You are…

You are the warmth I felt as a child when, after a day of snow fights, I would go inside the house and sit near the fireplace. You are the feeling of happiness a warm, summer rain gives my skin. Your voice is as soothing as the rain drops hitting against my window. Your gaze... Continue Reading →

Claustrophobia (part 4)

Pieces of her memory slowly returned to her. She remembered flying, or at least feeling like she was flying. She was moving yet she did not touch the ground. Her legs and arms were up and she remembered the feeling of the air running across her face. But she was too drunk to actually understand... Continue Reading →


Don’t look outside princess The sky is full of clouds The weather is unpleasant The stars are not in sight But even if they hide I know there’s always one A star so bright and pretty That shines through the clouds A star so nice and proud It chases clouds away You also know this star... Continue Reading →

Claustrophobia (part 1)

She reached out her hand, trying to reach for the Sun. But no luck. The place was cramped, small, dark and humid. She tried to remember how it was she got there. But no luck. Everything was hazy. Her head hurt. Her cheek felt swollen and there was this taste of blood in her mouth.... Continue Reading →


If I were to choose a job to characterize all the people in the world then that job would be “builder”. Because we humans build things. From early years we play with Legos and build little houses and cars and space shuttles which we then make pretend launch them into the orbit. We build sand... Continue Reading →

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