When you think about the night, its darkness, does it scare you? Or does it make your heart feel tight, like a love that you once knew? The night has morbid silence, yet somehow it is loud A weird maintained balance inside its darkness shroud. Tell me, are you afraid? Of being on your own,... Continue Reading →

Don’t wake me up

I’m no longer living, just letting the time pass by This place is lonely, grey and silent What once I called home Is now just space, that’s empty without you. I’m scared; please don’t let me wake up. My walls are staring back at me, and feeling pity On this broken person that’s standing before... Continue Reading →

Back to back

Some will only see you, Others will only see me. I can't only see you. You can't only see me. We both live on our dangerous cliffs So far away from others... The fear alone Drives them away. You only see the Moon, I only see the Sun. You only miss the Sun, I only... Continue Reading →

The rain

Today I tried to stop the feelings And hoped the rain would wash them down But did you know, my dear That rain just makes them stronger? I still keep them inside And look at them over and over Until I bleed, until I hurt Until the world around just breaks. I look at you... Continue Reading →

Claustrophobia (part 3)

Human perception can be easily deceived. If there is blood running down your hands and you can’t see around you in the darkness can you say for sure that it’s blood running down instead of water? Or sweat? Can you say for sure that the blood running down your hands is red, without being able... Continue Reading →

Claustrophobia (part 2)

Moving her hands around she came to realize that she’s in a wooden box. At first she tried not to think about it, to chase that thought away from her mind. But she couldn’t ignore the obvious signs. The small place, the darkness, the smell of dirt, the texture of wood. She was in some... Continue Reading →


Pieces of sand, blown by the wind Leaves turned red, by autumn’s breath Dark as the night, cold as the snow Pieces of sand, my heart has gone A looming darkness has appeared To take away all I hold dear To ravage my soul, my mind, my life To break me into grains of sand... Continue Reading →

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