Claustrophobia (part 4)

Pieces of her memory slowly returned to her. She remembered flying, or at least feeling like she was flying. She was moving yet she did not touch the ground. Her legs and arms were up and she remembered the feeling of the air running across her face. But she was too drunk to actually understand... Continue Reading →

Claustrophobia (part 3)

Human perception can be easily deceived. If there is blood running down your hands and you can’t see around you in the darkness can you say for sure that it’s blood running down instead of water? Or sweat? Can you say for sure that the blood running down your hands is red, without being able... Continue Reading →

Claustrophobia (part 2)

Moving her hands around she came to realize that she’s in a wooden box. At first she tried not to think about it, to chase that thought away from her mind. But she couldn’t ignore the obvious signs. The small place, the darkness, the smell of dirt, the texture of wood. She was in some... Continue Reading →

Claustrophobia (part 1)

She reached out her hand, trying to reach for the Sun. But no luck. The place was cramped, small, dark and humid. She tried to remember how it was she got there. But no luck. Everything was hazy. Her head hurt. Her cheek felt swollen and there was this taste of blood in her mouth.... Continue Reading →

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