Hello, sweetheart, are you dreaming?Are you chasing down the feelingOf serenity and peace,Wrapped tight between your sheets?Is it so selfish of meIf in your mind I wish to beTo make sure in your world of dreamsYou are happy by all means?We can run around through grassOr watch airplanes that passWe can fly between the cloudsOr... Continue Reading →

Don’t wake me up

I’m no longer living, just letting the time pass by This place is lonely, grey and silent What once I called home Is now just space, that’s empty without you. I’m scared; please don’t let me wake up. My walls are staring back at me, and feeling pity On this broken person that’s standing before... Continue Reading →

Back to back

Some will only see you, Others will only see me. I can't only see you. You can't only see me. We both live on our dangerous cliffs So far away from others... The fear alone Drives them away. You only see the Moon, I only see the Sun. You only miss the Sun, I only... Continue Reading →


I am a piece of wood Drifting to the sea Following this river And never looking back. I lie to myself That I'm a mighty tree, That my branches are strong, That leaves still cover me. This river called life Takes me to such places I've never seen before, I'll never see again. There is... Continue Reading →

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