Deep inside hidden too longWere feelings none of us let goBut we were scared and thought was wrongTo raise our voice and make them knownWith shaky hands and cloudy thoughtsYou conquered fear and broke the silenceYou helped us to connect the dotsAnd gave our wavery hearts the guidance.Your courage changed our paths foreverYou shook my... Continue Reading →


Don’t look outside princess The sky is full of clouds The weather is unpleasant The stars are not in sight But even if they hide I know there’s always one A star so bright and pretty That shines through the clouds A star so nice and proud It chases clouds away You also know this star... Continue Reading →


Pieces of sand, blown by the wind Leaves turned red, by autumn’s breath Dark as the night, cold as the snow Pieces of sand, my heart has gone A looming darkness has appeared To take away all I hold dear To ravage my soul, my mind, my life To break me into grains of sand... Continue Reading →

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