Day after day

Day after day, months have now passedAnd each passing day, it's been a blastTime kept on running, hands moved on the clockAnd how fast it passed… it's really a shock. And with each new day, you brought me more joyTaught me your secrets, and what you enjoyAnd with each day, I opened up to youI... Continue Reading →

Don’t say sorry

Don't say sorry for your hardshipsOr your sadness, or your moodI will still love you regardlessAs my heart to yours is gluedI don't need you to be perfectOnly happiness and joyI want you with your whole beingEven parts you don't enjoy.I don't need just your good sideAnd I can't promise you mineI will listen to... Continue Reading →


Exploring the world and its vast beauty Is a noble and great goal But it is a lonely duty And it's crushing on your soul. But imagine one bright morning When the dew still isn't gone When the sun, without a warning Shines in red, just like at dawn. And across the flowing river The... Continue Reading →


Deep inside hidden too longWere feelings none of us let goBut we were scared and thought was wrongTo raise our voice and make them knownWith shaky hands and cloudy thoughtsYou conquered fear and broke the silenceYou helped us to connect the dotsAnd gave our wavery hearts the guidance.Your courage changed our paths foreverYou shook my... Continue Reading →

…, I wonder

You put your head on my chest and hear the rhythm of my heart Why do we fall in love, I wonder? As my hand brushes your hair I know that all I want is to protect you When did you become my life, I wonder? You talk about your day and it's like magic,... Continue Reading →

Let’s go for a swim

Let's go for a swim Let your eyes submerge into the bluest clouds, Let the sun warm your naked body Let's go for a swim, in the bluest of oceans, Drop our clothes and lose our inhibitions, let's go for a swim Have the water caress your skin, Let's go for a swim, we don't... Continue Reading →

You held my hand

You were there when it all crumbled, when rocks hit hardest on my soul, you held my hand and gently, showed me there's a way. A way to pace, a way to love. You held my hand and showed me it could all be good again. Then why when it's all better, did you let... Continue Reading →


Lend me your ear and listen, Listen to my love struck voice, Let me tell you how your smile, Is forever in my mind. Lend me your eyes and see, See how my hands tremble, When you touch me, oh so gentle, When you hold my hands together. Lend me your nose and smell, Smell... Continue Reading →

Princess of the World

What good am I to you, oh Princess of the World, When so many better men line outside your door? You smile at me with kindness, you've always been like that, But never have you given me the key to your locked heart. Why do you torture me, when I am on my knees? I... Continue Reading →

Not mine

I stepped out into the rain, And let it wash away my sins, My need, my lust, my want, my pain, Make it all stop before it begins. I saw it paint your face, With raindrops on my window, I wanted your shadow to chase, Out, on the grassy meadow. And then it whispered my... Continue Reading →

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