Outside our window

You keep me warm, as the wind hollows outside. The sky darkens, and we hope for spring. Take a look inside my heart And whisper "Winter, please go away". Ask the clouds To stop their snowflakes. As the night lurks Outside our window, Hold my hand and let's, together Turn melancholy to love. Ask the... Continue Reading →

Don’t touch the snow

I touched the snow today And just like that my finger froze I guess you're not meant to play With the skies water rose At first my finger turned white And then my whole hand turned to ice My body poisoned with the blight Tainting beauty comes with a price. I ran inside, before I... Continue Reading →


Hello there snow You are too late Why come here now When no one cares? Why did you chase away the Sun With your lovely clean white? Why did you bring the freezing cold To turn cloud tears into snowflakes ? Why do you make my lover cry Because your moods are upside down? You... Continue Reading →

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