Let’s go for a swim

Let’s go for a swim

Let your eyes submerge into the bluest clouds,

Let the sun warm your naked body

Let’s go for a swim, in the bluest of oceans,

Drop our clothes and lose our inhibitions,

let’s go for a swim

Have the water caress your skin,

Let’s go for a swim, we don’t need any complications,

Let the water wash away our struggle,

Swim, swim and meet the beautiful mermaids,

with their long hair and asphyxiating gaze,

Don’t be afraid and listen to their song,

Join them in a naked embrace,

Beautiful mermaids, swim with us through the clouds,

Close your eyes as you jump from the highest rock,

Yell and get rid of your fear of heights,

Swim to me and give us freedom.

Open your eyes and look at the underwater beauty,

Colorful, joyful, dancing fish,

Bold, inspiring, everlasting corals,

Playful, beautiful, brazen mermaids,

Look at all this life around us,

Keep your eyes open and see the light reflecting,

Keep your eyes open and realize there’s so much beauty underneath us,

Let’s go for a swim,

Touch the water, feel the sun, follow the mermaids.

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