Your last

I find it a bit silly
How much we care, really
To the point where being apart
Throws a shade over our heart

We argue and we pout
And we fill our heads with doubt
Because the only thing we want
Is to not grow apart.

We say things, and leave some unsaid
When we should just clear the air instead
Because at the root of it all
We just want to break down this wall.

It’s because we care so much
And we need each other’s touch
That we struggle with emotions
And concern with stupid notions.

And I’d hate for things to worsen
Cuz we are each other’s person
And we do belong together
Dare I say… maybe forever?

And it’s silly to deny
This is hard to come by,
And it’s silly to forget
This is very hard to get.

We have waves of laughing bursts
And we give each other firsts
I care not for all the past,
I just want to be your last.

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